Learner Progress

Assessment and Examinations

An assessment of all year 7-9 pupils’ progresses will be made throughout the year.  The assessment will be carried out after each unit of work has been completed and a specific form will be placed in the pupils’ work books for every unit.  This will take place at least once a term.
Twice during the year there will be an attempt to identify the pupils who have excelled or have underachieved (i.e. at the end of Autumn and Easter terms). This will be done via the internal school tracking system.
All pupils will sit a written examination in most subjects in June.

Reports to parents

At least once a term parents will be able to see their child’s development by reading the forms at the end of an unit of work.
At the end of the year all pupils will receive a detailed report.  A form will be provided for parents to sign that they have received the reports, and this should be returned to the Form Tutor.
A report in pupils’ achievements in the National Reading and Numeracy tests is part of the end of year reports.
If necessary, parents can contact the Head of Standards to discuss the report.

Parents Evening

Parents’ evenings are held annually for each group of pupils at the school, where parents are given the opportunity to meet the various subject teachers in order to discuss the progress of their children.  Parents will be notified of these evenings nearer to the date.  Parents are urged to attend these evenings.

Parents’ Evenings Timetable:

Year 7  – November

Year 8  – November

Year 9  – March

Year 10 – January

Year 11 – February

Year 13 – January


All pupils are expected to complete homework appropriate to their age and the courses they are following.  The intention of homework is to reinforce what is done in the school, and what is most important, to give children the opportunity to learn to work independently.

Every pupil is expected to buy a Contact Book provided by the school.  In the book there is sufficient space for pupils to record homework set every night of the week.

Parents are asked to sign the Contact Book once a week and the Form Tutor every fortnight.  It is the parents’ responsibility to check that their children are completing their homework as set out in the book.

Heads of Standards and the Senior Leadership Team will also supervise the Contact Book once a month.