Regular school attendance is considered to be of great importance at Ysgol Y Strade. Without it, all our efforts to provide high quality education are futile.  If a child is frequently absent from school they cannot learn or achieve their true potential.  We aim to secure the maximum attendance rates possible for our pupils.  It is the parent or guardian’s responsibility to ensure that any child aged between 5 and 16 years attends school regularly and punctually.   It is also their responsibility to inform the school if the child is absent.

Pupils are expected to attend school for at least 95% of the time according to the Welsh Government directives.  It is imperative for educational progress that pupils are not taken on holidays during term time; such absenteeism will not be authorised by the school, as directed by the LEA.  We also request that medical/dental appointments etc. are arranged, where possible, outside of school hours.  We have systems in place to monitor and investigate absences across the school.

Pupils in Years 7-11 are prohibited from leaving the school premises at any time during the school day without a written and dated request.   Such requests from parents/guardians should provide a valid reason and must be authorised by a senior member of staff.  If a pupil is not in school, parents should contact the school reception by telephone on the first day of absence with a justifiable reason.  On the pupil’s return to school, an explanatory note should be written in their Contact Book by the parent/guardian.  Until the school receives notification from parents/guardians, a child’s absence remains unauthorised.