The Drama course consists of a range of practical work, written response to performance and the study of selected play texts.  Theatre visits and the viewing of appropriate performance media are necessary for an understanding and critical appreciation of performance.

Improvisation will play an important part in the course in order to develop performance skills within a group and as an individual which requires a high level of discipline.


Devising Theatre


Performing Theatre


Interpreting Theatre


Work in a group to devise a practical performance. Working on a theme linked with a practitioner or genre.

Written evaluation of the devised performance.

Non-exam assessment.

Performance based on two 10 minute extracts from a text of their own choice.

Written Paper 1 ½ hours

Study one set text and analyse from the view point of the actor, director and designer.

Live Theatre Review.

Why study Drama?

  • Improves confidence
  • Improves acting skills and communication skills which are important in any job
  • Promotes problem solving and group work
  • Develops a better understanding of Drama and the theatre
  • Gain satisfaction when completing practical work
  • Learn to evaluate maturely
  • Understand and appreciate different values and opinions
  • All abilities can progress and be successful

Examining Body

 Head of Department: Miss Nia Griffith