French and Spanish


The aim of the French and Spanish course is to develop the understanding and knowledge of those pupils who enjoyed studying languages at key stage 3.  It is an exiting and fun course with an emphasis on practical skills, and encouraging the students to use the language orally both in and outside the classroom on trips to the relevant countries.  You will study the subject in a contemporary context and learn new skills such as translation.


Course structure – 4 examinations at the end of year 11 (one in each of the skills)

  • Oral – 25%
  • Writing – 25%
  • Reading 25%
  • Listening – 25%

Why Study a Language at GCSE?

  1. It can help you to get a well-paid job in sectors such as marketing, business, education, tourism, politics, and industry.
  2. You’ll get the opportunity to visit the language of your chosen country and sample the culture.
  3. It’s a GCSE that is respected by universities and employers.
  4. You can travel the world with language skills.
  5. It’s FUN!

Examining Body

 Head of Department: Mrs Sara Horan