Business (GCSE)


The course is designed to deepen students’ understanding of the way in which businesses operate in a changing, competitive and dynamic environment. This understanding is rooted in current business theory and practice and reflects the integrated nature of businesses.

Content of the course

1. Business Activity Role of entrepreneurs, different types of businesses e.g. sole traders, partnerships, franchises. Also the competitive environment.
2. Influences on Business Digital and social media, business ethics, economy, globalisation and multinationals, European union.
3. Business Operations Methods of production, stock and quality control, the sales process, department functions within business.
4. Finance Sources of finance, including grants, loans and overdrafts. Break even analysis, profit and loss, cash flow forecast.
5. Marketing The marketing mix, market segmentation, market research, promotional activities.
6. Human Resources Recruitment process, training, motivation, organisational structures, pay slips.


Two written papers based on all syllabus content;

  • Unit 1 (Business World – 62.5%)
  • Unit 2 (Business Perceptions – 37.5%)

Why study Business Studies?

It is a course which will enable students to:

  • develop their understanding of the work place
  • practice skills which employers require e.g. data analysis, communication, problem solving and becoming independent learners
  • apply their knowledge to contemporary issues
  • understand our inter-dependence as people, businesses and environments
  • use an enquiring mind to understand local, national and international businesses

Examining Body

 Head of Department: Mr Daniel Hughes