The core content is to be studied by all learners, irrespective of their choice of endorsed area.

  1. The impact of new and emerging technologies
  2. How the critical evaluation of new and emerging technologies informs design decisions
  3. How energy is generated and stored
  4. Developments in modern and smart materials
  5. The ecological and social footprint of materials and components
  6. Investigate and analyse the work of past and present professionals

Candidates can opt to study a course in one of three endorsed focus areas:

Engineering Design

This endorsed area involves the following areas of study:

  1. Ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

2.Thermoforming and thermosetting polymers.

  1. Electronic systems, including sensors and control devices and programmable components.
  2. Modern and smart materials and the effect of forces on materials and objects.
  3. Mechanical devices.
  4. The sources, origins, physical and working properties of materials, components and systems.
  5. The way in which the selection of materials or components is influence design.
  6. Stock forms, types and sizes.
  7. Alternative processes .
  8. Specialist techniques and processes.
  9. Appropriate surface treatments and finishes.