Physical Education


Physical Education is a subject that contributes significantly to our way of life, recreational activities, and career opportunities.  It can be considered a balanced, challenging, and purposeful subject.

The GCSE Physical Education course aims to: –

  1. Develop and enjoy partaking in, and studying physical activities.
  2. Develop perseverance, self-respect, respect towards others, and all in a lively way.
  3. Choose practical activities that takes previous performance into account, along with current interests.


Unit 1: Introduction to physical education

Written examination: 2 hours

50% of qualification 100 marks

Learners will be assessed through a range of short and extended questions. The questions will be based on audio-visual stimuli and other sources.

Unit 2: The active participant in physical education

Non-exam assessment

50% of qualification 100 marks

Learners will be assessed in three different activities in the role of performer in at least one individual sport, one team sport and one other. One activity will be a major activity which will have a personal fitness programme linked to the activity.

Examining Body

 Head of Department: Mrs Eleri Poolman