Language Policy

Welsh is the official language at Ysgol Y Strade and every subject, with the exception of English, is taught up to GCSE level through the medium of Welsh.  In years 8-11 Mathematics and Science are taught through the mediums of Welsh and English.

In 1998 Carmarthenshire County Council published a Welsh Language Scheme and a revised version of the scheme was published in 2006.   The intention for Ysgol Y Strade is to provide the whole curriculum (aside from English) through the medium of Welsh only for all pupils in Key Stages 3 and 4 in line with the aim of the authority, the wishes of the governors and the school development plan.

The governors and the school have responded to the requirements of the scheme.  In September the new year 7 intake of pupils are offered Mathematics and Science through the medium of Welsh only, which then continues through to Year 8.  At the end of Year 8 a choice of language will be offered to pupils.

As a part of these language developments, the school will be making an effort to introduce the learning of Mathematics and Science through the medium of Welsh only up to year 11 in the future as a means of reinforcing the school’s excellent academic standards.